f.lux beta update fixes dual GPU Macbooks

We’ve posted a f.lux beta (v34) for OS X Yosemite.

You can download it here.

To install, you should quit your current f.lux version before running this one.

You can also try out our earlier beta instead.

Dual GPU fixes

Our beta for Yosemite is going well overall, except for people with Macbook Pros and dual GPUs (those are the biggest & most awesome Macbook Pros). What’s happening is that Yosemite is installing the system profile rather than the temporary f.lux profile when switching GPUs. So the screen flashes white every time you switch apps, and it looks pretty bad.

We thought, what if we could safely fixup the system profile and fix this bug? So we did that. It looks pretty simple, but there’s a lot going on to make it happen:

f.lux system profile

On machines running Yosemite with dual GPUs, f.lux will now turn on its “system profile” behavior automatically, and it does all the details to restore your original profile when you quit (or when it’s set to Daylight colors). It should notice changes to the profile, and it’s very careful to keep all the non-f.lux settings the same. Because changing the profile is expensive, this approach may in some cases be slower, but we hope not too much.

If this causes problems, you can turn it off like this:

defaults write org.herf.Flux disableProfile 1

Or to turn it back on:

defaults delete org.herf.Flux disableProfile

10.9.5 too

We’re hearing that 10.9.5 was also exhibiting this bug, so we’ve defaulted the new behavior on for that version too.

Also, fixes for more extreme latitudes

Along the way, we noticed that our calculations for more extreme latitudes are a ways off, so we redid all those calculations too. Now our sunrise and sunset times are quite a bit more accurate. If you notice any problems, please let us know.

24 Oct 2014

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