f.lux beta with Yosemite support

We’ve posted a f.lux beta (v32) for OS X Yosemite.

You can download it here.

Dark Mode Option

To install, you’ll want to quit your current f.lux version before running this one.

This build has undergone preliminary testing, but we’re looking for help finding any last bugs before shipping it to everyone.

v32 fixes some bugs:

  • “Disable until morning” works even if your machine sleeps
  • Darkroom improvements: keeps the titlebar dark even with Dark Mode enabled. And, text quality should be better
  • Choosing a preset will exit darkroom, movie, disable mode now

v31 fixes some bugs and has some Yosemite-specific customizations:

  • Added a “Dark Mode” compatible icon
  • Added the ability to have f.lux turn on “Dark Mode” at sunset automatically
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the screen to flash repeatedly in Movie Mode and other places
  • Fixed some little bugs when sleeping late on weekends
  • Allowed more extreme latitudes
  • Fixed install & update bugs

18 Oct 2014

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