f.lux update: v3.8 for windows

Your f.lux beta is updating automatically.

3.8 Update

Fixing a few more bugs and trying to get location really right.

New stuff: * Try to indicate more strongly if you haven’t set a location and are using our default one * Provide a menu option to reset brightness if you have toggled it down accidentally * Map search doesn’t search for dumb things like empty strings and zipcodes now

3.7 Update

We added an actual map in the location dialog, so you don’t have to go to a webpage to find your location anymore.

New stuff:

  • New locate UI with a Google Map in it
  • Lower CPU usage
  • Running f.lux from the start menu will popup a running copy
  • Color settings chosen from a menu now persist across launches
  • Darkroom is now hidden until you unlock your color settings
  • Made the f.lux taskbar icon stay visible (but you can hide it if you like)

3.6 Update

People have asked us for a way to dim desktop displays in addition to making them warmer, so we’ve added a simple way to do this to f.lux. For a few reasons (including power usage), it’s better to use your backlight if you have a laptop, but we made this work for everyone else who has a display that’s too bright. Also, you’ll see your color temperature warm up as you dim, on exactly the same curve an incandescent bulb uses. Try Alt-PgUp and Alt-PgDn to see. Also, Alt-End is now a hotkey to disable and enable f.lux quickly.

We’ve added a wider range of color settings for you to try out in the “Lighting at night” menu (we’ve left the slider the same range for now). But you can use the tray icon menu to see warmer colors.

Lots of behind-the-scenes changes, and some much better support for Philips Hue.

New features:

  • New dimming features accessible via keyboard (Alt-PageUp, Alt-PageDown)
  • New hotkey to disable/enable (Alt-End)
  • New “hamburger” menu to access the tray icon menu from within the app
  • New “spotlight” notifier UI to show you dimming/disable status
  • Overall large reduction in CPU usage
  • Added 2300k, 1900k, and 1200k menu items (not accessible via slider)
  • Uninstaller can revert expanded color settings, if you want to
  • Hue improvements: support for more than 3 lights and multiple Hue Bridges, and discovery via Philips’ web service, not just uPnP

3.5 Update

  • The f.lux tray icon now comes back when it goes away.

  • f.lux’s Safe Mode now turns off all background polling for color changes. Why? People with an AMD Radeon have reported hiccups in games due to CCC.exe, which is trying to update its user interface every time we make an API call. With safe mode, we stop watching for changes other apps make to the color settings. When other apps disable our color settings, they won’t be automatically restored until the next transition.
    If you turn on safe mode, you may have to click on the f.lux icon every once in a while to restore colors.

3.4 Update

Fixed a bug where unlocking a wider color range was not showing up.

3.3 Update

We sorta messed up lots of the animation stuff last time. Interrupting a long fade should never make your screen blue or anything like that. So we rewrote it again. See if you can break it (again) this time. You should be able to turn all sorts of things on and off and have it all work smoothly.

Along the way, we were trying some new super-red modes we call “Ember” and “Darkroom”. These only work if you’ve expanded your colors by dragging the night slider to the left and rebooting with the secret button to expand your color range. The new modes are available via the tray icon.

There were a few other bugs, but it’s late so I don’t remember what they were.

f.lux has probably already updated while you were reading this.


3.2 Update

  • Fixed some bugs with fading
  • Cosmetic fixes

Your f.lux install should update automatically.

Thanks for trying our beta. We have a few new features (and we’re working on some more).

3.1 update

  • settings now persisting correctly
  • fixed website launching menu bug
  • fixed menu problem with setting lighting
  • enhanced Movie Mode to display more accurate blues and skintones.

3.0 new features

  • Support for color temperatures down to 2700K. Makes you restart your PC, so we can mess with the system a bit.
  • More options for disabling, including a movie mode and a way to disable until morning.
  • For calibrated monitors, f.lux will now load the profile correctly.
  • Some bugs fixed with Intel chipsets.
  • Better support for Windows 7+.
  • A “safe mode” for machines that have touchy graphics drivers.

Experimental features

These features might move around or change in the future, but here’s a list. Look in the “Experimental” menu to turn them on or off.

  • f.lux can control Philips lights, including the Hue and Color Kinetics intelliWhite. We run this scheme in our living room, but it might not be right for other rooms.
  • For laptops and other screens that dim their backlight, f.lux can get even warmer when your screen dims, whether manually or with automatic brightness.

27 May 2013

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