Shortest Day of the Year Special: Re-Timer glasses

Re-Timer green light glasses are an excellent gift for someone who travels across time zones, who wants to see more light during dark winter days, or needs help maintaining their sleep timing.

Just in time for the holidays, Re-Timer is offering friends of f.lux a coupon code for $50 off.

Re-Timer is backed by 25 years of university research, and they are currently undergoing further research in the United States. Some of the new University studies being conducted with Re-Timer involves people with non-seasonal depression, athletes wanting to shift their time of peak performance, and lung cancer patients with insomnia.

Buy Re-Timer here
$50 off with code "f.lux"

If you buy a pair of Re-Timer glasses with the discount code “f.lux”, you’ll get $50 off, and we will get some money too, so your purchase will help support f.lux development. The coupon code will expire December 31st.

Re-Timer published an eBook, How To Sleep Better a few months ago. It is free to download from their website and is full of research backed ideas and natural therapies to improve sleep. Like f.lux, Re-Timer wants to spread knowledge about natural therapies and drug-free solutions. This book was written by world sleep experts (and Re-Timer Inventors Professor Leon Lack and Dr Helen Wright.

Earlier this year, the Re-Timer team kindly sent us two pairs of glasses to try out at home. You can read more about our experiences with Re-Timer here.

07 Dec 2015

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