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Your f.lux build is updating to version 3.12


Dec 5 2016

This build fixes a number of minor issues with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition:

  • DisplayLink USB monitors no longer cause flashing on the main display
  • Our “NSIS” installer software has been updated due to a security vulnerability
  • Code signing now uses SHA256 to increase security

3.10 bugfixes

Oct 23 2013

This build fixes a number of problems encountered with 3.9:

  • Some users with high-end monitors and video cards experienced persistent flashing. This build fixes most of these bugs. (If you see flashing a few times right after login, we’re still working on it.)
  • f.lux now shows the location dialog when you haven’t set your location and reboot (rather than showing the main window, which confused many people.)
  • Fixes for Philips Hue
  • Clarified text in several places based on user feedback (restarting, asking for location)


Oct 15 2013

This build is going live as our main build, a big update from 2.0.

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