f.lux Corporate Edition

f.lux is available for volume licensing and corporate use on Windows (English only). We have configured this edition to respond to security and manageability needs requested by enterprise customers.

Features in this version

Here are some notable differences in the corporate build:

  • License allows automated installs (from one installer)
  • Installs into Program Files (rather than Local Settings)
  • Automatic updates are disabled, and email notices are provided instead
  • Interactions with f.lux website are disabled
  • Home automation features are disabled
  • This version activates once per machine, so please size your order accordingly. If you re-image machines or upgrade OSes, we can adjust your license count to accomodate.
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Purchase f.lux

Use your billing email during checkout. A technical contact can be specified on the next page.

Pricing (USD)

First 10 devices: $20
Additional 11+ devices: $10

Reseller instructions

There are no discounts below 500 seats. For larger quantities only, we will quote discounted rates and can accept purchase orders. Email here: sales@justgetflux.com.

If you are a reseller purchasing below 500 seats, follow these steps to check out:

  1. For “Company Name” please specify the end user (your client)
  2. For e-mail and credit card, use your own information
  3. After checkout, please specify a technical contact at the company, who will receive the download and support. Our system will e-mail them automatically.


This build of f.lux is covered by a separate corporate EULA, and by installing you agree to its terms.

If your environment allows it, this license allows the personal version to be used instead. This can be useful when f.lux has already been installed by a user, or for users who request features like home automation that are only available in the personal edition.


The license includes one year of updates to the software, and your Technical Contact (specified after checkout) will be notified by email when updates are available. Installing updates is at your option.

Notes on corporate use

If an employer recommends f.lux, if many employees are installing, if your company operates in an environment with regulatory requirements, or if your environment requires IT support to install apps, we consider all these things “commercial use” and this paid, corporate license is the proper version to use.

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